Burned DVD's won't play properly, Stutters/jumps


So i have been working on my first wedding video for a client, It was all edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10, and exported as '.m2t' (HD Mpeg2).

The video exported fine, and all works perfectly. I then converted the exported file within 'Winavi' to DVD files with the DVD menu that can be made inside winavi.

That all exported fine, with the outputted files being around 8gb.

Using nero, i burned the videoTS files onto the 'Verbatim Dual Layer DVD+R' smoothly and no errors came up in nero.

The DVD plays fine in any computer, But not at all on my many years old DVD player.

At least in the clients DVD player it loaded the disk, but it stuttered with complex footage such as fades, effects, PiP, etc..

What could be causing this problem, i need to get it sorted as soon as possible.. Is the the converter i'm using, the type of DVD (i have to use Dual Layer due to file size), the player being out of date maybe? or anything else..

Will be very grateful for any help!

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  1. When burning DVDs for the old player (or any player for that matter), burn at the slowest possible speed. Doing so can help with these sorts of issues. Also, there is a chance your old player doesn't like the media you are using. You could try another brand. Oddly enough,this happens (brand issue) from time to time.

    Good luck!
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