Alt-Tab Lag

Please forgive the double posting, but I'm beginning to wonder if I may have put this in the wrong forum to begin with:

CPU - Core I7 960 (stock)
RAM - 12 GB DDR3 1333
Video - PNY GTX 470
PSU - Corsair TX 750
OS - Windows 7 64 bit

Just took shipment of my new computer yesterday. Immediately installed new GPU and power supply.

I'm having an issue with some fairly sizeable freezes when coming out of or going into games while using Alt-Tab. My screen goes black for anywhere from 20-30 seconds before the switch takes place.
So far, this is happening in the only two games I've tried on the new computer - Borderlands and Just Cause 2 (both playing from Steam, and in case you're interested, I'm having the exact same issues with the Shift-Tab command in-game to bring up the Steam UI - only difference is that in this case, i get a screen that looks like a merged screenshot of my current position in the game and a very transparent Steam UI. Again, after 20-30 seconds, it "lets go" and allows me to see whichever screen I intended to get to.)

So far, this only occurs when switching to/from a game. I never had this problem on my old rig, running Vista 32 bit.

To the best of my knowledge, all drivers are up-to-date, certain that MoBo and GPU drivers are.

Any help you could provide would be fantastic.

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  1. Guess this isn't the right forum either. Thanks for your time anyway.
  2. Maybe try to reinstall the video driver.
  3. Will do ASAP, once I get off of work. Thanks for the feedback!
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