550W PSU for i7-860 + GTX 460 1gig

Hey guys,

Is a 550w PSU enough to power a i7-860 with a GTX 460 1g video card?

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  1. Sure.. Just make sure it comes from a good brand (corsair, seasonic).. Avoid cheap junks..
  2. A *quality* 450W psu will power that system. However, the difference in price between a *quality* 450W and 600W is negligable. So I'd recommend:

  3. Just to let you know make sure you have good amp on the 12v ramp, that what you need to check, I have a Corsair HX520W and im running a Q6600 with a Gtx480, playing a game at full detail, im getting 300Watt usage with an amp meter for the full system, wich im running 6 fans and 4 hard drive. I think power supply those day with 1000W are a bit overrated unless you start overclock over 4ghz and SLI. Your 550w could run it, depend what is the brand and model.
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