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Hi Everyone,

I bought my first SSD 2 years ago and it was only a 3 gb/s model. Now that the 6gb/s models are all over the place and prices are coming down for the larger drives I'm considering getting another. Do you think it's worth it to go for a 6 gb/s drive if you're going to be using it mostly for Windows and games over a 3gb/s? I'm thinking of a 240 gb.

The problem now is that the 60gb model i have now fills up too quickly after Windows and a couple of games are installed. I'm looking for a little more breathing room for my Steam files and thought I might get an upgrade in drive performance while I'm at it.
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  1. Hi mate, what I'd recommend is that you get a 120GB SSD & Install Windows and your MAIN applications on there + a few games. And then get an extra 1TB hard-drive to install your other applications & games on. That's what I've got at the moment , two ssd's for my applications ( I need fast access for the work I do ) and a 3TB Hard-Drive set up for everything else. It works out cheaper and works nice together.

    Hope I helped
  2. You'll only get SATA III performance from SATA III drive if your motherboard supports that standard. If the motherboard is SATA II, you'll only get SATA II performance from a SATA III drive.

    You should avoid installing games and apps on the Windows drive. Fit a second internal HDD for those, then your SSD won't fill up as quickly.
  3. I think every modern ssd marketed today will support 6gb sata if your motherboard does.

    That said, the benefit shows up mostly in synthetic sequential benchmarks. In random i/o, there is very little difference. And, that is what we do mostly.

    A SSD will slow down as it nears full. It sounds like it is time to replace your 60gb unit.
    Go ahead and buy that 240gb ssd. My pick would be intel 330/335 or samsung 830/840 for reliability.
  4. Thanks for the info everyone! I think I'm going to purchase the 240 gb 6 gb/s drive as my "Steam" drive for games and see how that works out. I'll just keep the 3 gb/s drive for Windows 7.
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