Problem with mobo?

I was not sure where to post this so I also put it in the Motherboard section.

Hey Tom's,

I just took apart my Rig and put it back together (had to reseat the HSF). If when I put the SATA cables back and they got criss-crossed, as in placed in different slots then they were in previously, would/could this be problematic? Same goes with the USB drives on the case.

If these could cause a problem, how would I go about fixing it, short of trial and error?

It's technically a new built computer (Got it all a few weeks ago)

Edit: Link to thread with started convo in mobo section
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  1. nothing will go wrong.
  2. Some motherboards have a couple different groups of SATA ports. They are controlled by different parts of your motherboard. If your board has this option, they will be different colors. As long as you keep them in the same color group, you won't see any change.

    The USB ports depend on your case/motherboard. Most front panel USB ports are usb 1.1, while back panel ports are 2.0. As long as you keep them front panel or back panel, you won't see any difference.
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