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Hi, I was wondering why my zip decompression speeds are so slow on my Plextor m5p SSD when compared to my velociraptor HDD.
Raptor took 36 seconds approx while the M5 Pro took 156 seconds to decompress 250mb worth of files!
I checked this on popular program compiler) which has numerous small files. 7zip was a lot faster, but the HDD still beat the SSD by a few seconds. I'm wondering if zip is somehow not optimized or if it is simply the number of small writes. I tried looking this up but could not find anything except on one particular review of the vertex 4 having slow zip speeds.

Info would be much appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT: Btw, just so you know my m5p is running strong. AKA I'm assuming there's nothing wrong with it as read and write speeds are just as fast as when I purchased it.
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  1. UPDATE: Last night I updated the m5p's firmware to 1.02 and found that 7-zip decompressed regular zip files faster than my HDD! But I still get slow decompression with the Windows ZIP manager, in fact I also get horrendously slow zip compression. I'm wondering if there is something up with the way win zip works? Maybe it's TRIMing the temp files before they are transferred to the new directory or something. I contacted plextor but they haven't replied back as of yet.
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