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Well im on a 400 dollar budget and i have the case already with the screen n such.
Im stricken if i should keep my E7200 and buy a GTX465/460 or ATI 6850 4GB ram
Get a X4 AMD 4GB of ram and keep my 9800GT inside.
Could i get some guidance on what is better. I would like to experiance DX11 but i dont know if my E7200 will cut it.
Any help?
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  1. Oh and the 9800GT is 512MB and i do know how to OC the 7200
  2. There is nothing special to experience in DX11.. Which motherboard do you have presently.? Also give your current ram specs (a detailed list of components you have now will be good)..
  3. Well my computer fried so the only parts that still work are
    Core 2 Duo E7200
    Nvidia Geforce 9800GT

    The parts i would like to buy are
    Intel motherboard if i choose the more powerful graphics option and overclock the CPU to about 3.8GHZ. 4 GB RAM GPU: GTX 465 OR ATI 6850
    AMD motherboard and choose the 9800GT 512 option but go with the x4 or x6 core phenom CPU. 4GB RAM
    450W Powersupply.
  4. I also am getting a 500GB HD and a Blu-Ray from another comp. But i am buying the 500GB seperatly
    Also DDR3 (1066)RAM
  5. Now that you are getting everything new, its best to opt for a new setup.. For a 400$ budget, i'll recommend you go for an Intel i5 760 processor, asrock p55 extreme motherboard and corsair xms3 4GB ram..
  6. +1

    i5-760 runs circles around AMD's current offerings in gaming.
  7. +1 for the new mobo & CPU if you play games where your 9800GT is OK. Upgrade the GPU later when you get extra cash or if your gaming is not satisfactory anymore...
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