How to repair a laptop motherboard

there is a problem in my laptop that the screen not coming, that there is motherboard problem or graphic card problem , how could i repair it?
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  1. Can you hook up an external monitor up to it and test, if that works, then your motherboard and video graphics are okay and you'll need to look at the LCD panel and it's connection to the motherboard. If there's no output to an external monitor, then it maybe a motherboard/graphics issue...
  2. Have you made sure that there is absolutely NO video? Try taking the computer into a very dark room and check if you can see what you'd expect to see, but very, very dimly. A common part that goes out in some laptops is called the FL Inverter Board, which handles the video signal translation between the LCD panel itself and the video card. When it goes out, all video turns EXTREMELY dim and hard to see. It tends to cost about $50 for a new one and is very easy to replace.
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