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So which one should i get? i can get 4870 for 135 bucks. while the 5770 is 30 dollars more and with that 30 bucks i can get better mobo or CPU. so which one is better i wont be upgrading my graphic card for 2 years. So is 5770 really worth the 30 extra bucks? i mean i dont care about dx 11 since by the time i will upgrade my GPU dx 11 games will just start being popular. so should i get 4870 rather then 5770. cuz from benchmarks 4870 is slightly better
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  1. The 4870 is the more powerful GPU, so for a gaming system it is the better choice. Granted you will not have DX11 support but as you stated, it isn't a major concern for you, so it's not a big deal.
  2. yes i am planning to make it gaming. But one thing about 4870 is it takes more power does that matter?
  3. No... It doesn't matter on the additional power, as longer as your power supply is good and can handle it. :)
  4. hmm well ok hopefully 4870 is better
  5. Raw frames wise the HD 4870/GTX 260 at time matches or beats the HD 5770. If i were u i would hit some combos allowing me to land a GTX 460 ^^ HD 4870 is still a decent card w.r.t HD 5770 but for me it's a tad inefficient
  6. hmm okay so 5770 and 4870 is basically the same? also how better is 768mb version of GTX 460 good?
  7. oh okay great so if i get a 3ghz Tri Core Athlon X3 will it bottleneck the GTX 460? and woudnt the quad core be better?
  8. Nope it would not bottleneck - chip as per budget
  9. ehh i cant find a good combo for 460... do u know any?
  10. lol well i knew that one but thanks anyways but my build becomes about $230 bucks with the GTX 460. so will 460 be a big step upto 4870?
  11. Best state exactly what h/w u need, max budget , etc
  12. ^+1... Agreed

    Here is a comparison of the ATI 4870 vs GTX 460 768MB (GTX 460 wins pretty much across the board).
  13. thanks again batchuka its really neat site... and now lets see if other ting drops in prices then i am surely getting 460
  14. Yea, go with 460. And DX11 games are already popular! :D
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