Nvidia 9800GT GREEN won't work

9800gt 1024MB green edition just turned up in box. Fitted it into PC,. no image on VDU. Strange 2 long bleeping sound occurs when switch on PC
Specs PC

Windows Vista OS
350W power


Intel Core 2 Duo


- North Bridge: VIA® PT890

- South Bridge: VIA® 8237A

PCIEx16 slot

is there a compatibility issue graphics card with VIA chipsets or power supply causing the problem ie insufficient power poss need 450W min etc?

Can anyone advise please before I do wrong thing eg buy new PSU?
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  1. remove cmos battery
  2. From the VIA forums :-
    There is a known issue between PCI-E 2.0 cards and some first-generation PCI Express chipsets, primarily VIA. The solution is simple enough, a modification to the VGA BIOS that allows the card to boot (initialize) in PCI-E 1.x mode.

    NVIDIA was foremost affected because it was first to ship PCI-E 2.0. By the time ATI's first PCI-E 2.0 boards shipped, this issue was already coming to light, allowing ATI to implement the change from the start. Unfortunately, a few ATI and NVIDIA partners are somehow managing to still ship boards with the incompatible VGA BIOS. A few manufacturers are supplying affected users with an updated VGA BIOS upon request to flash their cards.

  3. power is insufficent for one and as mousemonkey quoted, another great VIA thing - it just will not work, and that board's performance just sucks (anything VIA) anyway.

    Also being an MSI board... uuuffffff.
  4. OK thanks all for replies

    I think I'll try flashing the BIOS (however, thats done) and failing that maybe getting a super dooper PSU (with say 600W supply)

    I guess if that doesn't all work then at least I have 2 components for a PC that I may decide to build (and may rape anything else from this donkey of a PC but not the motherboard that's for sure!)

    Thanks for your replies
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