Power requirement of some CPU components

What are the power needs of (1) Motherboard (2) Floppy drives (3) Hard drives (4) Memory
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  1. Hi Etcetera SILC, Welcome to THW.

    1. Your motherboard routes the power to components which in turn need power.
    2. 5w-10w max only while in use.
    3. 10w-15w while reading/writing.
    4. VERY LITTLE, depends on what type.
    5. Your CPU and GPU are the biggest power users.

    Need your full PC specs, parts and models to be more accurate.
  2. As thechief says, the answer (in total) is not much.

    But answering this question this way is scary because we don't know what you are going to use this info for, and it can be misleading.

    Your cpu and gpu(s) use by far the most power . . . so much so that the pieces you asked about are largely irrelevant.
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