Need to HD Video Editing / Photo Editing Machine

I want a really fast system for editing HD video (1920x1080) and also 10-20MP photos.

My budget is like somewhere under $3000-4000

I want a really fast processor and a motherboard which is pretty stable.

I want something like a backup drive to store old projects, more TBs the better.


1.This is not for gaming , will a graphics card help for video encoding ?

2. Will RAID degrade performance ?

3. if i use multiple monitors , will performance decrease ?
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  1. 1. This is not for gaming , will a graphics card help for video encoding?

    Yes, a workstation graphics card. But are you just video editing or are you rendering 3d models?

    2. Will RAID degrade performance?

    Depends what RAID, RAID 0 will double performance

    3. if i use multiple monitors , will performance decrease?



    Motherboard (gaming motherboard, but it will be solid)

    Hard Drive, 2tb x2 or x4 depending how much storage you need.

    Windows 7 Ultimate, so you have all the features possible.

    any case you want,

    DVD burner,

    I need to know if you are making 3d models, or if you are just video editing. Then I will give you RAM, PSU and Video Card.
  2. Is this for professional use? IMO I would get a Dell/HP with a warranty. What's your contingency plan when things go wrong?

    If this is just a hobby, then it'll be a fun build. IMO an AMD 1055t x6 would be better from a price/performance standpoint. You're going to need at least 8GB of ram for that level of video editing.

    980x ends up being anywhere from 25-100% faster, but is 500% more expensive.

    IMO, an SSD is a must for the price range and usage pattern. Raid 0 is something to avoid, but raid 1 is nice to have in addition to an offsite/networked backup.
  3. hi,

    thanks for the suggestions

    This is mainly for video editing not 3D rendering .
  4. Well, video editing is primarily limited by hard drive speed and RAM, with raw compute performance in second.

    What monitors do you have? Are you using CS5?
  5. ^ ok well, if you are going super hardcore get the 980x, if you are just doing some nice projects, get a 1090t. You don't need a graphics card. And about 8gigs of ram :P

    EXTREMELY fast ram.
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