Troubleshoot help please! 8800gt

Hi, I recently bought Starcraft 2 and every time I load into a map (when actual gameplay begins) I get a crash that seems to be a graphics card issue. The screen will be covered with either red or green splotches, and my pc freezes, and usually the screen goes blank, though the sound continues playing.

My system:
Intel quad core
Windows vista 64
nvidia 8800gt
4 gigs of ram

Here is what I have already tried with no results:
Download newest nvidia drivers
Download latest directx
Remove and clean video card
Underclock the card
Manually set card fan to 100%
Lower the game's graphics settings (though according to the recommended specs on the box, my rig should run it fine)

If anyone has ANY ideas for me I would greatly appreciate it, as you will be saving me the ~$250 it would cost to go grab a new card.
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  1. you can pick up a better cooler for around £35-£50 on quiet pc as over heating sounds like your problem
  2. Is this the only game that crashes?
  3. Do you have any high intense games to try the card out on? You've done almost eveything you should.

    Download Furmark and stress test your GPU, see if you get the same problem.
  4. Hmm.... whats you're psu and how old is it? Also as Helltech said, try another game or run furmark to be sure it's the gpu.

    It's either hardware or starcraft that has issues with you're system is what i can guess right now.
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