New build old secondary hdd issue

So i just did a new build and I am usually able to troubleshoot all my issues however Im not sure what I am missing when it comes to using my old secondary hdd..

My new build is running on a vortez 4 sdd (win8) and it has boot priority. No problems there. However I can't access an old 500gb hdd (still secondary storage). My bios picks it up fine and I can see the drive within windows but can't access it. Im not sure what I am missing. Could you help me troubleshoot this. Thanks
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  1. Your SATAs are probably set to AHCI mode (as they should be, for SSD).
    If the old drive was formatted under IDE mode you won't be able to access it - although you can still see it.
    If the old 500GB ran on an AHCI controller before, then not sure what your prob is...
  2. My old hdd (which has data I need) is listed under disk manager as RAW. all of my controllers in device manager say ACHI. The old OS was Vista 64bit, could the problem be from vista to win8? The hdd in question doesnt have an OS on it, its just purely data without a partition but im not sure if there were a different architecture used between the two OS that could be causing this.

    Thanks for the response btw
  3. "The hdd in question doesnt have an OS on it, its just purely data without a partition"

    That shows a basic misunderstanding of what a partition is for.
    All hard drives have at least one partition if there's data on it, whether it contains an OS or not.

    Maybe the old HDD has failed to initialise. See if you can right-click it in Disk Management and choose "Initialise".
  4. Hi Phill,

    Right clicking doesn't give that option.
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