Which graphic card should I get? 5770 or 4870?

Hi, I need some help. Currently, I have a gigabyte motherboard GA-965G-DS3 which only supports PCI-e 1.0. Is it more safe to get the HD 4870 instead of 5770? cuz I heard a lot of ppl saying there is a POST problem using 1.0 motherboard.

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  1. if i were you i would get the hd 4870 as a gpu and memory clock meant for pcie 2
    may damage your board
  2. the issue is with the PCI-E 2.1 cards where the manufacturer has not updated the BIOS to support 2.1, go with an ATI 5770 2.0 card and you will be fine (although check the web site, gigabyte does a good job with BIOS support)

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