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Quick question about heat

I have a 1090t, and i was wondering what would be a passable temperature for it to be running at (constant use)
also what are the rated temps for it. i tried looking on the amd website but couldnt find them.
would running it at approx. 45-55C be running too hot?
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  1. No. Its not to hot.
  2. 55C under load is quite good, actually. What's the idle temperature, i.e. when it's doing nothing?
  3. my CPU would easily run into the 60s when under load, so ur temperatures are pretty good..
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  5. The only 1090T I've seen ran default speeds undervolted, obviously less votage = less heat.

    I think it idled about 26C and hit nearly 50C under load with a half speed Zalman 9500 so pretty cool.
  6. Not bad, considering, that by today's standards, the 9500 is a mediocre cooler.
  7. It doubles up as a great food slicer as well. :lol:

    I just like it coz it takes about 15 secs to fit.
  8. k thanks for the help guys. sorry for the late reply iv been away.

    @ Herr_Koos: idles @ approx 40-45. and even running prime95 for a while (1hr-2hrs) usually hits about 59 and sits there.

    @beanoslim: i run mine @ 4.0GHz with a slight overvolt so i was just a little concerned if i was keeping it too hot.

    to be fair though, i got a big fat zalman CNPS10X extreme on it, so it keeps the temps down i guess
  9. Nice, I'd be happy with that. :D
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