Audio and Performance Problems- Please Help!

I'm facing an issue with my homebuilt system that I can't seem to figure out. During music or video playback the audio cuts out, chirps and cracks and mouse movement is very jerky. This follows no major hardware or software change after a few weeks on usage.

So far I have uninstalled an reinstalled updated drivers for my motherboard and all my hardware and updated the BIOS. When this did not work, I reinstalled Windows 7 Pro x64, reinstalled all my drivers again and still had the problem. When I remove my PCI-Express video card the problem gets a lot better- audio only cuts out for a moment every few minutes- but there still seems to be an issue. Two passes with Memtest86+ yielded 0 errors. At that point I became convinced there is a problem with my hard drive controller based on some forum posts citing a similar issue, but replacing my motherboard still didn't fix the issue.

The audio playback problem happens when playing files from both my hard drives, my USB drive, CDs or when streaming audio online. The only thing I know to do next is to add a PCI-E soundcard, but I don't see how that could affect the problem with my mouse. Especially since the problem persists on two different motherboard and through the HDMI out of my Radeon 5770.

I'd appreciate any ideas. Here is my current configuration:

Intel i5 661 @3.33Ghz
ASUS P7H55D-M Evo Motherboard (Replaced Intel DH55TC that behaved the same way)
VisionTEK 1GB Radeon 5770 Graphics w/HDMI
4GB Crucial DDR3 1066 RAM
Linksys PCI Wireless N Card
Seagate 500GB 7200 HDD
Samsung 1500GB 7200 HDD
ThermalTake 600W PSU
Antec Fusion mATX HTPC Case

Thanks, Joseph
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  1. I figured it out- Somehow my wireless card was causing all the problems. As soon as I took it out all the problems went away.
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    Try to install the wireless card and uninstall the drivers through the device manager. This should reset the card's drivers and get rid of your problems.
  3. Yeah, i tried that. I think the card is just going bad. The malfunction seems to warp spacetime in its immediate vicinity and distort my audio. I just replaced the card.
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