Running different GPU's on the same system: GTX 460 + Workstation GPU

Just wondering if it's possible to have two totally different cards installed on the same system and while being able to switch between the two. (GTX 460 Default install and Firegl V7700-older workstation card) or even an FX 580-1800.

I have a spare older firegl v7700(i think even v7100) lying around that I want to try out in opengl mode for 3DS Max or Maya. Is there a way to install it in the same system without it screwing up any of the display drivers of the existing GTX 460 but only being called when running specific applications? Or a Universal..turn this card off now and use this card?
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  1. I'd like to second this question. I was about to ask a similar one but I found this.

    My situation is that of a student who spends 10-20 hours a week modeling stuff (Solidworks) and 5-10 hours a week gaming (SC2) on a 24" monitor.
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