I5 760 and ddr3 800? [solved]

I am planning on upgrading my cpu to an i5 760, as well as getting a new mobo. Now intel's site says the i5 needs either 1066 or 1333, but I have 4GB of 800, so it would be much less costly to use 800 instead. Also, if I can use 800, can I OC it to 1066 or 1333?
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  1. All new Intel processors use DDR3. You likely have DDR2 800. I would consider some good DDR3 1600 with the low timings of 7-8-7-24 like this excellent GSkill. 1066 and 1333 are the 1st gen of DDR3 standard but most chipsets like the newly cheaper 1600 or even faster.

  2. no. I have ddr 3 800, im certain.
  3. that was way back when DDR3 was brand new then. It will likely bottlneck a newer board a bit.
  4. Could I get around that bottlenexk by OCing?
  5. What kind of RAM is it? Brand and speed and timings if you know them.
  6. Hi freezway, Welcome to THW.

    I have read many benchmarks out there(and they are not hard to find) that between DDR3 800MHz and DDR3 1600MHz there is a less than 5% difference in real performance between any of them. The best thing to do in search of performance is to get lower latency RAM.
  7. huh, so heres the full story:
    I originally got a gateway computer and It advertised ddr3 800 ram, and I used that computer and life was good... Until I needed more than intel integrated for games.

    So I got a new case (original was form factor) a new mobo and new ram for the mobo (it needed ddr2) and a gts 250 (it has served me well). and built another computer with the old mobo and ram and case (and some parts we bought.) And life was good... Until my computer got hot under loads, so I got a better case which helped.

    So now im looking to upgrade my processor, so I logon to the computer with the original ram (ddr3) and type lshw (it runs linux, lshw lists the hardware) and lo and behold its 1333MHz mem that was advertised as 800MHz. So this whole post was irrelevant, sorry. Thanks for the help anyway! The only question I have now is why did they advertise the mem as a lower clock speed when the cpu's fsb was 1333 as well? But I really don't need an answer to that.
  8. The very first DDR3 to come out was DDR3 800. Maybe it's just old but runs fine at default 13333.
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