My $500 Budget gaming PC build new one

so i have made a Build so tell me if its good or not so how is it? can i make it better if i can please say so :) stay in 500 range
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  1. ehh my mobo isnt that bad either... its not like i am going to Xfire or Overclock my CPU
  2. USB 3.0 dude it is coming soon
  3. oh okay and is the 4870 better then 5770?
  4. I have a 5770 so i would obviously recommend it
    the features of the 5770 make it a better buy (dx11, bitstreaming HD audio eyefinity low power usage)

    but not as much raw power aka pumping out the frames
  5. hmm okay so but is that model of 4870 good?
  6. yeah it looks good to me Asus is a great company
    did you look at the 5770 though ?
  7. actually i was going for 5770 first of all but since the the $139.99 HIS deal got removed away. i started going for 4870. since its cheaper and 5770 is expended for me now
  8. $511AR
  9. hmm batchuka nice one
  10. Thank you for your kind words ^^
  11. hmm well i just stick to the 4870 build since the card is single slot... and i dont have much money right now. so is everything compatible with each other guys?
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