Current best SSD for 200$ or less ?

Any recommendation on what is the best ssd currently for this budget? Ideally i'd like to spend 150$, but i can go up to 200$ if it is worth it. I know that higher capacity generally means better performance so ideally i'd like to get more than 120gb, which would also be useful to have all my programs installed as well as enough remaining free space for the ssd to function optimally.

My main concerns are :
1. Reliability ( life expectancy / warranty / compatibility etc.. )
2. Best performance
3. Value ( best bang for buck )

Here are some of my current options :

samsung 840 250gb @ 200$
OR this one which is 171$ but is not "full kit" , not sure what that means... :

intel 330 180gb @ 150$

Corsair Force Series 3 180gb @ 146 + 10$ shipping

Crucial M4 256gb @ 195$

I am open to any other suggestions.

In case this makes any difference, I will be using this drive on a new build which will be using the Asus P8Z77-V PRO

Note : i am shipping to canada so, i cant use
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  1. The Samsung 830 256 GB is the fastest overall of the SSD under $200 (if you can find it) with a faster write time than a 840 although the 840's read time is a bit faster.

    Of those though I think I'd go for the Samsung 840 (not full kit) as long as you have a spot in your case to mount a 2.5 inch drive, since that kit doesn't have the 3.5 inch adapter.
  2. I've looked into the 840 a bit more, the thing about it is that apparently, it MIGHT not have as good of a life expectancy... Not clear if its something to worry about or not, it does have only 3 years warranty... but so does all the other drives in my list.
  3. get the intel 330 240gb for $150 over the regular 840. the regular 840 uses TLC nand and $200 is way to much. the only thing to be aware of is the intel is a sandforce drive so its not great with incompressible data. in all reality you wont notice any difference between them unless your benchmarking.

    edit: here is the 840 for $180 from (still to expensive imo)

    oh sorry i just realized its only the 180GB version. here is the 240GB from for $154.99 and you get Civilization 5 for free.
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