Intel SSD why price difference?

Just curious about this Intel 335 series 240GB SSD at newegg. It is priced pretty cheap at $170 & is listed as used for "CONSUMER."

There are no continous read and write speeds posted in detail view. Seems they were intentially ommited. Is it because speeds are lower than now-a-day standards, or the drive is more likely to fail? Maybe has to do with older technology & drive keeping processes?

Ratings are pretty high and users boast about speed performance though.

Compare this to the 520 series 240GB at $255.
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  1. I am debating between the Intel 335 Series SSDSC2CT240A4K5 240GB at $170.


    the SAMSUNG 840 Series MZ-7TD120BW 120GB at $100.

    Am I gaining space with the 240GB over speed and reliability?
  2. 335 is the newest, 520 is the next model down, 320 oldest.

    520 premium price i think its worth it. Drive is really fast.Firmware really easy to update. And you get a 5 year warranty. Not many SSD's come with a 5 year warranty.

    Preferably go for 240+gbs. 120 and 128gbs on your SSD will run out very quickly if you put on games and your OS.

    I have win 7 pro on my intel 520 120gb and battefield 3, and a few programs
    Space left: 22gb
    Had 9gb left at one time.

    Wishing I bought the bigger storage: Yes.
  3. I hear you about more space, it does fill out quickly. It is nice to copy over most used software.

    I havea a Valoptor 10,000 RPM & only have 60Gigs used on C drive. With this faster SSD drive, I would be willing to add more programs & games to experience the need for speed!

    Which would you guys chose between these Intel 250Gig drives and why?

    This at $170:

    or this at $190
  4. the only difference between the intel drives are the 330 uses 25nm nand and 335 uses the new 20nm nand. there is pretty much no speed difference between the 2. the intel 520 is a step up as intel considers it a enthusiast drive and it costs more. there is really no reason the get the 520 or 335 over the 330 if its cheaper.

    here is the 330 for $154.99.

    here is the 840 for $164.00 & $169.99
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