Graphics cards that go with Acer Aspire M1201 computer?

hello, my graphics card is a bit dated so i want to get a new one. Thing is i dont know much about how to figure out what cards go with my model, there is something like pc express or something i dont know. So i am wondering if anyone can help me figure out a good graphics card for me to use so i can play modern computer games like Starcraft 2.

Model: Acer Aspire M1201
Acer AM1201 - E1622A
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+ 2.50GHz

Thank you and please help, i dont know if my computer is to old to get a new graphics cards, i was told by a guy at a computer store if i get a new graphics card my processor might not be able to keep up with it. Thanks again.
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  1. The guy at the computer store was probably right, that is a pretty old graphics card and doesn't overclock too high.

    When I looked up your model I found a few but they weren't exactly the same. I'm sure all of the AM1201's use the same motherboard, but I want to make sure. Can you download CPU-z and tell us the name of your motherboard? It should be AMD 740G, but I want to make sure.

    If it is 740G it should be AM2 socket, with one PCI-e 1.1 slot.
  2. Model: RS740DVF
    Chipset: STI Readon 2100
    SouthBridge: ATI SB700
    LPCIO: ITE IT8718

    Under BIOS:
    Brand American Megatrends INC.
    Verdion: R03:B0

    Under Graphics Interface:
    PCI Express
    Link width: X16
    Max. Support: X16
  3. Ok that is an AM2 motherboard and still have one PCI-e 1.1 slot.

    Also I think the CPU in that computer is 250W, you're going to have to look for us. Open up the case and take a peak.
  4. Hey man, I have the same computer, I upgraded the power supply cost me 70bucks and i upgrade to the Ati 5770. I'm gonna buy a new computeer soon and just put my Ati 5770 in the new one this processors slowing my down in gaming. I play crysis now at about 48-60 fps so its not bad. I think you shoul djust buy a new computer you might as well. Or you could get the 9800 gt or something like the 9600 gt would be nice.
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