How to bypass power switch on motherboard of gateway mx6447 laptop

Hello,my switch button on my mx6447's motherboard is loose and needs a new one. Apparently Gateway compresses them in. I don't want to buy a new motherboard so I was wondering if I could solder two wires from motherboard switch and run them to the outside of laptop and use them to turn on laptop. If I would leave the wires hooked together then the laptop turns on and then shuts itself off automaticly as it would by holding down power button. I thought if I would just touch the wires together long enough to light up the computer then leave them apart while laptop is on then shut it off normally with the start menu. Would this work or does anyone else have a solution that I could do myself without spending for switch or motherboard? Thanks, Paul
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  1. Can you get a docking station for this laptop? You can leave the laptop docked and turn it ON/OFF using the normal shutdown process.
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