Upgrade from 8800gtx sli...or not?

Hi all,

I'm looking at some options upgrading from my 8800gtx sli setup, trying to decide which is best or even if it is worth upgrading (e.g. will the upgrade just be bottlenecked by another part of my system)

Brief system specs:
680i mobo
qx6850 @ 3.66ghz (watercooled using 2.120 so I could probably push this a bit higher if required)
8gb ddr2 1000 ram
1200w psu
1920x1200 resolution

Options I'm looking at are:

gtx 285 sli ~$500aud
gtx 470 sli ~$800aud
gtx 460 768mb ~$480aud
gtx 460 1gb OC(800mhz/4000mhz) ~$620aud
Or any other suggestions?

I figure the gtx470 setup is the better option, however will by cpu be able keep up with them? (will it even keep up with the gtx285 setup?)

Any help on this would be much appreciated

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  1. Any reason you need that badass of a setup? I run everygame at max settings except Metro 2033 at 1920x1200, and I have GTX260s 800MB version.

    You would probably be happy with SLI 460 1GB verions.

    Anyway I deffinitely wouldn't get the 285s, I advise against spending that much money on old technology. If your spending over 300 dollars you should get a DX11 card.
  2. Mmmm not really, but have been playing sc2 and its is running pretty average, especially when enabling AA & AF.

    Good call with the 460's, Ive just updated my options list
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