How to boot windows 7 from a usb dvd rom

Hello, My DVD rom is usb connected and when i click install it says low disk space on drive C and if i want to format it i will have to boot fro dvd but when i restart my computer it dosent give me the option to boot from dvd it just loads my OS and i cant format C manually as it contains my current OS.m pLZ HELP
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  1. Select boot from USB from your bios.
  2. Where do i find my bios and how do i activare them
  3. When you press the power button, press one of the F(number) key usually brings you to the bios. I don't know which one is for your mobo, but here is a guide:

    So basically try F1, F2, F10, Del or Esc.
  4. Try the F12 key. That should bring up the Advanced Boot Menu and allow you to chose a USB device.
  5. What are you doing that you want to format your C: drive?
  6. I tryed to do waht you said but it still wont boot at startup what should I do? :bounce:
  7. So you can't get into bios?
  8. I got into Bios and disabled all others except Ide CD-Rom but it still wont boot and for the expert I want to install windows 7 from DVD ROm which is connected via usb and is an external DVD rom not an internal one
  9. No, not IDE CD ROM. You have to select boot from USB device.
  10. Advanced Boot Menu = F12 key at power on.
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