Motherboard broken :-(

Ok guys this is for my friend who isnt that good with computers he bought a brand new computer from digital promo a known Uk pc shop and everything was fine but i was talking to him this morning and he said his computer will not power on at all :-S

(1) i told him to unplug everything and replug everything again and see what happens still nothing

(2) he recently bought 4gb ram and installed it i told him to remove that and try and power on the computer still nothing

(3) i told him how to reset his bios and still nothing :o

(4) i told him to use his motherboard graphics instead of the pci express one still nothing

(5) i told him to use an alternative power wire for the back of his pc

me being stumped on how the computer has no power whatsoever he said the little green light on the board that shows if the board is receieveing power is not lit at all

But then as i was talking to him he said he heared a rattle in the case and showed me this thing i think its a motherboard capaiciter but not sure

he said that was rattling inside the bottom of the case as he moved it i said has the case been knocked ovr or anything he said no

can anyone help im going over to his tommorow and i want a genaral idea of what to do when i get there many thanks


Its a Asus motherboard with a Phenom 2 955 Black Edition

he said he would take it back the shop but it has a pirated windows 7 on it :-S
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  1. Update
    sorry i dont know his exact specs its a asus motherboard in the 40 pound range 6gb of DDR3 1333MHZ Phenom 2 955 black Edition all he said was he turned it on this morning and it wouldnt power up but he told me he was messing with AMD overdrive doing minor overclocking :-(
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  3. If you can't access the BIOS, then the motherboard is fried.
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