Help! I blew my PSU! +other issues :(

Hi all,

I would call myself intermediate when it comes to knowledge of computer hardware and components, I know all the basics and have been upgrading my computers for a couple of years now but when it comes to what parts to buy etc, I get puzzled.

Here is my computers spec (before the PSU blew)

Processor (CPU)
INTEL® Core 2 Duo E6300 (2 X 1.86GHz) 1066MHz FSB/2MB L2 Cache


Memory (RAM)
4GB Kingston DDR2 667MHz - (4x 1GB)

Graphics Card
256MB RADEON X1900GT PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT

570W Pro PSU Dual Fan PW-5500

Unknown brand, its a 500GB IDE (I could never get my SATA drives working for some reason...)

I baught this computer quite a few years ago and my graphics card started to fail on me about a month ago, lots of broken pixels displaying on screen and random flashes and crashes during gaming.

I looked around for graphics cards and I wanted to get one which would cost me around £100 and be the best possible card for that price, I ended up buying a XFX Radeon HD 4890.

I checked the requirements and it said you needed atleast a 500w PSU. So I thought cool I meet the requirements and thought nothing should go wrong.

When I connected the card up, it worked at first, however I needed to install the drivers and restart, whilst the drivers were installing I heard the fans on my PSU start to go really loud and obviously I thought this was weird.

The drivers I was installing were Catalyst 10-8 for HD 4xxx series.

When I restarted the computer and got to the BIOS screen, there were random lines everywhere on the screen and then followed up by a Blue Screen of Death, I thought it must be something wrong with the drivers, I have had this problem before with getting the latest drivers, so I thought let me try download some older drivers and try again, so I downloaded Catalyst 10-6.

Again, restarted, messy lines all over the BIOS, and Blue Screen of Death when it gets to windows.

At this point I really didn't know what to do, So I went online and read that some people were having problems with RAM configurations when installing new cards, so I took out one stick of RAM, turned on the computer and now the computer wouldn't even make the *BEEP* sound when booting up, no bios screen, no nothing, the computer wouldnt boot. However all the fans were spinning, but thats it.

So I put the RAM stick back in, and again, no BEEP ?? no bios, nothing, just spinning fans and the ability to eject my DVD drive.

Took out all of the RAM sticks except one, put in my old graphics card, it booted, however, I was greeted by the Blue screen of death?

restarted computer to try again, NO BEEP! So obviously I was thinking what the hell is going on, I've got one stick of RAM in, my old graphics card and my computer won't boot, tried all stick of RAM with old graphics card, still won't boot.

At this point I pretty much tried every combination of RAM sticks and graphics cards I could think of and it just refused to BEEP>Boot.

My friend suggested that my PSU could've failed so I borrowed his 400w PSU and put in my old graphics card and viola, it Beeped and booted up, still wit the blue screen of death though, i'm guessing my drivers are completely screwed. But I don't mind reformatting the computer as I have everything backed up anyway.

So now heres my dilemma.

I am thinking to go out and buy a really good PSU that won't fail. However I'm scared that if I buy a really good PSU, is something going to mess up and it just blows up again? Is my graphics card too good for my system and it just simply will never work? Why was the BIOS screen all messed up and giving me the Blue Screen of Death? Is it just the drivers or was it something else?

I just need some advise here.

I really don't want to think I've just wasted £120 on a HD Radeon 4890 that I have to throw in the bin :/

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Well dave you in luck because if you buy a new much better psu things should better and if There is not a major short somewhere a good psu will turn off before something serious will happen.
  2. Grab a new psu and see if that with a reformat helps. If that doesn't do it, next test would be test the ram using memtest 86+.
  3. What is your budget for a PSU?
  4. I would suggest the corsair HX series, for a single 4890 a 500W should be more than enough
  5. There is no hx under 650 anymore the only one was the hx 450.op buy a seasonic 520 watt bronze
  6. Those PSUs cost ~£70, which is a bit expensive for the amount of power it gives, and there are certainly better options at that price.
  7. Yes, there are some other options. Though, for a single video card setup, this OCZ 550w is about the best deal available.
  8. He's in the UK if that still needs clarifying.
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