Need a new videocard/monitor for 3 monitor setup

I'm looking for this ASAP.. As cheap as i can go for while still maintaining quality, as in, i wont be using this for much gaming at all but i still want it to perform well and maintain well. Its main use is for work. I'm personally a fan of evga but whatever else is quality works for me. I currently have 1 19" acer, and another 20" acer using both dvi slots in my current 8800gt. My question, If i get an LED monitor with hdmi, could i setup the hdmi through my video card and have the 2 acers still using DVI as a 3 way setup? OR will i need a video card with 3 DVI slots? Which would be the best video card option for my case? I prefer Nvidia.

I'm looking at a new monitor as well (the third monitor) LED i suppose, 23-24 inches at least budget not to excede $300. PSU is not an issue.

were a few i was looking at.

My current specs,

win xp 32 bit
3 gigs of ram?
intel e6550
abit ip35-e (no SLI)
antec 300 mid tower

I'm coming from the USA so newegg is preferable.
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  1. To support 3 monitors, you either need a ATI HD5000 card, 2 Nvidia cards, or a Matrox triplehead-to-go.
  2. I forgot to mention that matrox is out of the question, Its just not cost effective, and i cant run 2 video cards in my ip35-e if im not mistaken.
  3. Your requirements only leave you with the option of an ATi HD5xxx card and a DP adapter.

    this wouldnt work? theres 2 dvi and 1 hdmi..
  5. No it wont.

    I believe you still have 2 other options if you want to stick with Nvidia however,

    The first is getting this.

    or sawing the end off of a PCIe X1 slot to fit a X16 card in there.
  6. ^^^ what he said. You need a DisplayPort for a 3 way monitor setup.
    BTW, I wouldn't bother with a PCIe x1 card. I think it's better a hd5850 or 5870, so you can also use eyefinity.
    Else just buy a new mobo that supports sli.
  7. ^+1 :D

    5850 or 5870 is preferable
  8. You definitely need an ATI 5xxx card with displayport to use three monitors. There is an inherent limitation in the DVI/HDMI technology that doesn't allow for more than 2 monitors using those types of ports on a single graphics card.

    To avoid the adapter mousemonkey mentioned, I would suggest going with a monitor that has a displayport...port.

    Dell has some nicely priced monitors with displayport.

    Getting a displayport cable is much cheaper than a (necessary) active adapater

    EDIT: Included wrong dell links.
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