Molex split to 6 pin adapter

Hey forum!

I got a question for you.
I only have 1 molex cable and want to go to a 6 pin adapter.
I had the idea of first spliting the cable with a molex cable split and the going to a 6 pin adapter.
my question is will this work? and will i lose any power?

i want to do this to power my 9600 gt...

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  1. You can do this with an adapter, but during gpu load it can really pull hard on the psu's 12v rail, and sometimes causes system instability, its best to get a psu with the right connector as they come with individual 12v rails on the graphics/cpu/molex/ motherboard connectors which doesn't affect or interfere with the other 12v outputs.
  2. You list your configuration as including a Corsair 750W psu.Since that psu has 4x6+2-pin connectors, you must be talking about a different system.

    Please provide the specs for the PC you are asking about, including make/model of the psu.
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