Help with my new Computer .. !!

Hello Everybody

I'm Going to buy a new computer
and i'm a little bit Confused about something
and i hope someone can help me .

Core i7 930, 2.8GHz, s1366, 8MB Tray

X58A-UD9 s1366 Core i7, Intel X58, DDR3 2200, 4xPCI-E

3x2GB Corsair Dominator-GT Triple Channel CL7 X2

GTX480 1536MB GDDR5 DX11 2xDVI Mini HDMI PCI-E

Westren Digital
Caviar Black 1TB 7200RPM, 64MB, SATA III WD1002FAEX X2
150GB VelociRaptor 10K, 16MB, SATA WD1500HLFS

CH08LS10 DVD±RW Read Blu-Ray Combo Black Sata

Cooler Master
V10 CPU Cooler

Cooler Master
Cosmos S Black ATX

HX 1000W Active PFC 14cm Fan Modular

Logitech Keyboard G110

Razer Mamba Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse

Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System

Logitech G35 Gaming 7.1 Surround USB Headset

BX2450 LED 24'' 2ms HDMIx2 WideScreen Black

nVidia Wireless 3D Vision Kit

and thnx already

Actually i have other option with the motherboard and the vga card and the screen

Rampage III Extreme LGA1366 Core i7, Intel X58, DDR3 1600, 4xPCI-E

Asus HD 5970 2GB GDDR5 DX11 2xDVI Mini DP PCI-E
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  3. sorry about the mix up .. !!

    now it ok .
  4. 2 changes

    ABS 1050 watt psu

    samsung f3 or f4 drives they jut as fast and cheaper and look into getting an ssd
  5. WTF? Why only pictures? Give us a newegg link or something! This doesn't really help, edit it.
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