I have an MSI 915GM Motherboard coming from ebay. :pt1cable:
It has connections for IDE and SATA hard drives.

Can i use SATAII or SATAIII hard drives on this m/b, or just SATA.

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  1. SATA ports are backwards and forwards compatible.

    So you can connect any SATA drive to any SATA port.

    You will have the same performance if you connect a hard drive to a SATA II or SATA III port.
  2. Thank you Dereck :)

    I wanted to fit a 'Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB' h/d to my m/b.
    I asked CCL for advice, and here is the answer.

    "It certainly should be compatible, the motherboard has two SATA ports, however due to the age of the motherboard I cannot guarantee the two will work together"

    Your thoughts please?.

  3. Some earlier motherboards didn't auto-negotiate the transfer speed properly. Because of this, most drives have a jumper to force them to SATA-I speeds. It shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Hawkeye22 is correct.
    If you have any problems connect the jumper on your Caviar Blue to pins 5 & 6 (see "OPT1 enabled" on attached link):
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