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I would like to know if I can splice speakers into the two I already have?I would like to run a couple of speakers from my computer downstairs, plus the ones I have upstairs. What should I know before I attempted this?
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  1. Running passive speakers (non amplified) in series is the safest way as it lowers load but as a consequence it can lower the sound level output.



    2x 4ohm speakers in series will equal 8ohms total
    2x 4ohm speakers in parallel will equal 2ohms total

    If the speakers are amplified/active speakers then you can splice or use splitter adapters at line level to add more speaker in a cascaded fashion.
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    Yes, so basically you can add a simple Audio Jack splitter and add an extra set of speakers. Not very hard to be honest. The problem you might face is the cable lengths if you're planning to travel the speakers all the way downstairs.
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  4. the advice here is simple and easy to understand. Greatly appriecated.
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