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I bought the ATI 5750 from Sapphire about two months ago and I've finally gotten a chance to run some games on it. I've noticed in idle temp it runs at ~47C. However, when it's under a lot of stress, it has hit over 92C. Is this considered normal or do I have a defective card? Is a better idea to get a fan?

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  1. Well, It's pretty hot but technically the card can take it, however it could shorten the lifespan of the card... Try setting the fan speec to 100% and do tests again...
  2. Idle temps are OK. Bit worried about load temps.

    Usually cards are rated at 100C but anything above 80C is a little concerning.

    How big is your case?

    Does it have adequate airflow?

    You could try a couple of things:

    1. Create a fan profile in CCC. ~50% is OK.
    2. Install a 120mm case fan facing your card.

    Good luck.
  3. I have a mid sized tower case. It has 3 default fans in the case. I think I will try and figure out how to increase the air flow and if that doesn't work, I'll buy a case fan. Any fans you recommend?
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    Middle cases can get a bit cramped.

    Make sure you have good cable management. It makes a difference. Zip tie things together away from intakes/exhausts.

    Any fans you recommend?

    Depending on where you live (ie availability), most fans should do the job. Look for one which is QUIET and has a high flow rate.

    ex. I use Coolermaster 90 CFM (red). Silent but effective.

    Good luck.
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  6. hey i have the same problem what u do?? pleeasse!! answer!!
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