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hi, i was wondering what gaming mouse i should get out of these two... gigabyte m8000x ghost or the coolermaster storm gaming mouse they both look awesome but im not sure which one to get, i have a coolermaster storm scout case so i thougt it would be cool to have a matching mouse, but i can get the gigabyte mouse from a wholesaler so its cheaper than it should be and it is readily available what mouse do you think i should get? which is a better mouse?
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  1. i have a logitech g5. its great and comfortable, but the only problem is the on the fly resolution adjustment is a bit fidgety to press while in a fast action fps. If i were to get another gaming mouse, the one feature i would look for is an easier to access resolution/sensitivity adjustment. lol, just now discussing this i have found you can change button assignments and the colour of the leds, so my original statement is cancelled out by my own neglect of ever touching the setpoint control panel. get the logitech g5 and make sure you realise you can do all this.
  2. The Gigabyte has alot of good features. Very similar to the Logitech G9X. If you can get it at wholesale, I say go for it. Plus it will look good plugged into a Scout.
  3. Hi exhail,

    I am sorry to stray from the mice you have mentioned, but I believe that there are far better options out there for you.

    I would have to say that the best choice IMHO, would be to get a Logitech mouse. The have the best software(Setpoint) and drivers for their mice over any other brand. The features of their gaming grade mice are unbeatable, programmable resolutions, buttons, macros, comfortable, adjustable weight, change res. on the fly, hyper scrolling, and high quality.

    Their customer service and warranty is also top notch, if your mouse breaks or becomes defunct in any way they will happily and quickly replace it, I have heard they even do this for out of warranty mice.

    I have been using the G500 for a little over a year now and I couldn't be happier with the features and how well it performs. And the MSRP on these are ~$70 but it is often on sale online for ~$30 or $40, which is a steal for such a good product.

    Logitech G500 on SALE right now at $35 free S/h: , dont know when the sale ends though. :??:
  4. Out of the two options, the Storm Sentinel would be my pick.. It has got a very comfortable hold and some very cool features.. I am a Logitech fan however and thus my personal recommendation will be to try and get one from that brand.. I have been using the G500 for sometime now.. Its excellent in both fit and finish and thus becomes an easybrecommendation.. For the money however, I'll recommend the MX 518 (the best gaming mouse till date)..
  5. I have the Logitech G5 and the Microsoft IntelliMouse 3.0 and I find them both good. There is one thing you should note about the G5 however and that is it has been replaced with the newer G500 model that has a tweaked layout. One of the main things I will never do with a gaming mouse is get a wireless one. I have been in games before where I had to wait for someone to either replace battery's or reconnect their mouse. Now for a HTPC a wireless mouse can work; but not for gaming. At the Best Buy I work at we have the G500 and the IntelliMouse 3.0 both on display out of the box so you can hold it in your hand the try out the buttons. Also of note is the fact that I had an IntelliMouse 1.0 that lasted for 10 years of heavy gaming abuse before the LMB finally gave out.
  6. DJRWolf said:
    One of the main things I will never do with a gaming mouse is get a wireless one. I have been in games before where I had to wait for someone to either replace battery's or reconnect their mouse. Now for a HTPC a wireless mouse can work; but not for gaming.
    I have to agree with this 1000%, I cannot believe I forgot to mention this :??:. No matter what Razer or any other company says about how their wireless mouse ONLY has 1ms lag and its the BEST and you cannot notice it, YOU CAN! No matter how good they are wireless is noticeably slower than a wired mouse, at least to me it is. So if your are concerned about your mouse performance online and off, unless your too far from your PC to use a wired mouse, go hard line. Wireless is a gimmick not to be had for serious gamers. I understand your not looking at wireless but its just a fair warning. :)
  7. @thechief73 - I've been a fan of wired mice for gaming as well, but this year is the first year I've given the though of going with the dual mode wireless/wired gaming mice. I'm looking at these two specifically:

    Microsoft sidewinder x8
    Razer Mamba

    Both are wireless but can be played wirelessly. I really like the design of both and they feel great in the hand. So, do you know much about either of those? I'm sure they don't lag at all when plugged in, but I'd be interested to hear from you and others if there is noticeable lag when they are wireless?
  8. Hey riccardi,

    No, Sorry I don't not really know much about those mice, but with the choice of both wired and wireless I am sure they are nice products. I remember reading about them a while back now you mention it and it is a nice design if you ask me. The only concern I would have is if the use normal batteries or if they take a special pack. And I have heard of Razer making really nice mice and others say that what they got had buggy drivers and were cheaply made, with to much money going into there marketing and packaging. With Microsoft, I do not know much about there mice.

    Maybe watching some youtube reviews will help you out, but be aware alot of those people get those products for free just to write them reviews so take them all with a grain of salt.

    I just have had bad experiences with a Microsoft wireless optical mouse 2.0 and when I switched back to wired I was so amazed that I vowed never to go back to wireless. I guess it is a personal choice that only you can make in the end, are your looking for the absolute best response you can get from a mouse. But with the choice of both wired and wireless I guess that eliminates the problem of having to choose. :)
  9. i live in South Africa thats the problem... maybe you could pick a mouse out for me from these few online stores?

    and maybe price check might help

    thank you :)

    I can get the gigabyte m8000x ghost from the wholesaler for R524 including VAT, they also have one logitech mouse it is the Logitech® Anywhere Mouse MX - Darkfield™ Laser Tracking, Hyperscroll, Unifying Nano Receiver, 5 Button, USB Black but thats wireless
  10. The Logitech® Anywhere Mouse MX, is a nice mouse but it is a notebook mouse and will be a bit smaller than a normal mouse.
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