Reletivley low score, any tweaking suggestions from the pros?

Hey guys! I recently built/upgraded my old PC into basically a brand new computer. The new system is as follows:

Windows 7 Home Premium (Fresh install)
Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 motherboard.
AMD Phenom II 1055T processor @ 2.8ghz (stock)
4gig of generic DDR3 RAM.
Corsair HX750 PSU (65A on 12v rails)
4890 + 4870 in crossfire, both at stock clocks.

my 3dmark 06 score is just over 18,000 which strikes me as fairly poor since my old system (E8200 + single 4890) was able to break 15k with a LIGHT overclock. I feel like that my system should be getting arround the 22k mark, although i would have been happy with about 20k even on stock clocks, is this unrealistic or would there be some simple things i could do to squeeze more performance out of this comp. crossfire is working as i get no video from the second card, but when i disable crossfire in catalyst i do get video from it.
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  1. far as I understand things the clock speed of the gpu's will default to that of the slower might try pulling the 4890 and tuning the 4870 with the catalyst software to as close to the speed of the 4890 you can get, then add the 4890 as the daughter card and try again.

    For your reference my 1090T BE 5770 Xfire kit gets 19175 3D Marks. My 965 BE system with 4850 stock is at 13181 and with riva OC approx +50MHz 13968 approx 800pt gain.
  2. i agree
  3. okay i tried that, tried bringing the clock of the 4870 up to max in CCC (790mhz) and then putting the 4890 in and taking the clock on the 4890 as high as it would go without crashing (about 900). after this i overclocked the 1055t up to about 3.2 ghz with and i only got about 700 points more in 3dmark. im starting to think maybe my expectations of about 22k were a little unreasonable. either that or there is some small setting i am missing =[
  4. How does the system perform running games? If the performance is good, forget the benchmarks. After all, did you build your system to run games or benchmarks?
  5. the performance in game is not bad, but again not quite what i was expecting! I just get the feeling that i have a simple bios setting set wrong or something. for example i noticed that the benchmark on the tomshardware charts for dual 4870 is above 20k and dual 4890 is close to 25, now im not sure what processor/ram they are using but i find it hard to belive that even a 980x could boost a score from 18.7k with a 1055t@3.2ghz up to 23k.
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