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At the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 2011 Advanced Micro Devices plans to reveal additional details about its code-named Bulldozer micro-architecture as well as implementations of forthcoming microprocessors on its base. Apparently, AMD's next-gen chips will be capable of working at over 3.50GHz, which is a quite high-speed, considering the fact that the central processing units (CPUs) will have up to eight cores.

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THE FIRST DETAILS of Intel's upcoming Pentium branded Sandy Bridge processors has turned up and although these four processors might not be the crème of the crop, they do indicate that Intel is indeed planning on dropping its older CPU sockets. We're also curious as to why Intel has chosen to launch two different series of Pentium processors, as the initial information doesn't seem to show much in terms of a difference between them.

Sandy Bridge Pentium processors unveiled

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  1. Interesting news, just a shame that Bulldozer won't be launching in January because that's when I'll be buying a desktop. Looks like i'll have to go with a Sandy Bridge CPU then.
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