Upgrading the 775 System (TOTAL Upgrade Budget 800)

Okay I closed my last thread I got the info I needed the CPU's I was looking at are not a big upgrade so I am going to rattle off what I have and see what are on-board experts can do to improve it with a 800 Budget, my main reason to switch was to get the new USb3 and Sata 6.0g but I guess it isn't worth it yet.

(Current System)
MSI X48 PLATINUM Intel C2Q Socket 775 ( I also have a factory Reburb XFX N780-ISH9) (I wasn't a fan of the i680's raid function of my Asus SE which is why I switched to the X48
Old beatup Q6600 G0 OC'ed (Small water system)
4 GB ram
4 1tb SSSP F1 drives
Thermaltake ToughPower 750
GTX 8800 (in need of new cooling fan IMHO)
Win 7 64Bit
EQ2 and SC are all I play till Diablo III comes out.
Light Video editing/DVD authoring

Possible Upgrade parts

(QX6700 $200 Fleabay) not much of an upgrade I know)

Its in my budget to bump to 8gb

(Video card upgrades)
If I stick with the MSI I have to go crossfire
Dual 5770 or Dual 5830's ?

If I go to the XFX I have more options I can pick up two more 8800GTX's for TRI-SLI or I can get dual 470's

Monitor I want a 2ms GTG 22" or larger I have seen a 23 ASUS 2ms GTG on shell shocker for under 170

I Have to purchase 1 New Drive I never built a new system on an old drive
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  1. Almost forgot all the parts are nearly 3 years old which was one more reason to think about replacing them.
  2. i would go dual gtx 460s or 1 gtx 480, i prefer 1 powerful gpu though as there is a better upgrade path, but the gtx 460s are awesome, i would go for a samsung spinpoint f3 1tb hdd
  3. What are you running your CPU at? It's still very powerful in games at 3.0+.

    IMO it just looks like you need an SSD+New GPU. What does your PSU look like?

    Is this going to be used exclusively for gaming? Don't put much worth in response times.
  4. 3.2Ghz but I have had it much higher just never bothered to tweek all the stuff and test it I picked a OC that was stable and keep it, I have a Thermaltake Tough Power 750 nope its a gamming/Video editing/ PVR we record a lot of shows and watch them on the HD TV on weekends
  5. You may see a small (sub 20%) benefit from an i5 in video editing.

    At 3.2 I would hold off purchasing unless you really feel you need it. An SSD would help immensely for editing.

    IMO for video editing you should get an IPS monitor.
  6. So my Q6600 is okay which MB would you use of the two I have? I would think the XFX would would be better for dual 460/470's and its cheaper to put 8Gb of ram into that board. I think its ever eaiser to OC that board, I could grab a Cooler Master V10 Pet cooler maybe get 4GHZ out of my 6600 what do you think?
  7. in all seriousness buy a ocz vertex 2 60GB SSD $139
    2 x Gtx 460 1GB each $239
    use the 8800 for physhics

    and if you want upgrade with another 4GB of Ram
  8. the coolermaster v10 is overpriced for its performance, these are some nice coolers, thermalright silver arrow, noctua NH-D14, thermaltake frio, megahalems and so on
  9. I have a small water system, figured the V10 with it's TEC would be better for Oc'ing

    I guess that is why I ask questions because I don't know everything.
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