Z77Sabertooth Dose not detect HDD

Im trying to install 2x250GB disks in my pc.

I got OS on a SSD connected trough Intel's 6gb sata port.

Connected the 2 HDD's with the black intel Sata 2 ports.
But they just wont show up!

Im starting to get very frustrated by this problem.
Im starting to think that Z77 series left out support for older HDD's
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  1. Assuming the drives don't show up in Windows Explorer have you tried looking for them in Disk Management? http://www.softwareok.com/?seite=faq-Win-7&faq=15
    Click on Start
    Type diskmgmt.msc
    Press Enter
    If you have done this, do they show up there?
  2. Yes i have checked that many times, while testing IDE, AHCI and Raid modes in bios.
    Non of theme shows the disks.

    Are you familiar with the Z77 series.
    I know theres a lot of ppl whos struggeling with this.
    Hope there is a fix.

    Would there be some kind of driver i could install for the disks?
    I know whene u install win7 theres an option to load driver, perhaps theres a driver i can use that will help detect.
  3. Have you tried other SATA ports?
  4. I would try, as JJJ217 suggested, other SATA ports. There should be no need to install additional drivers for those disks.
    Link that may help:
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