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hi im looking into getting a Ageia PhysX card.
my question is should i get the BFG Ageia PhysX card or just the Ageia's PhysX card.
also im a bit of a newbie to pc's and i hope someone can awnser my second question
what slot does a Ageia PhysX card take up. im guessing it isnt a graphic card slot, so do most motherboards have a seperate port for them.

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  1. Dont get one of the physX specific cards, and certainly not one from BFG(they have gone under and have zero warranty support). If you really need physX, get something like a 9600GT or a 9800GT, it will be more powerful and will handle physX just fine, but there arent many games that need it so make sure you have some of them that do support GPU phyX before you buy a PhysX card.
  2. There is a good article about PhysX on Toms home page.
    They were using a Nvidia GT250 and GT285 for physics card along with a main gpu of a 460 with good results.
    It is definitely worth reading that article
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