GT 220 Usb problems after install

Hey Ppl's

Brought a GT 220 Gainward model.

MotherB. Asus P5PL2-E
Petium D 3.2ghz.
2Gb of Ram
MSI 512Mb GT 9500
Atlas 450Watt PSU
XP pro 32 bit

When got home step by step i did.

1.Remove old card followed by inserting new one card has no leads to PSU draws power from Pci.e slot.
2.Plug in and turn on PC enter windows install new drivers from CD update drivers from the net.
restarting Pc when asked a few times on the way.

All seems to be running fine.
Run 3d mark06 to banchmark all seems well again get banckmark.

Now Load Wow up to play after load screen i hear a cackle though the Usb headset i use that gets louder as the load on PC does.
At this stage i notice my G19 D/c and reconecing it self.i try to use keys,i can move but keys have a mind of there own,slow to react,other times like keys will stay pressed in but ofcause thay are not.

Load other games such as DoD and Bioshock.cackle is still there you can hear clearly if turn games sounds down.
but G19 works ok,bar D/c and reconecting every so 5mins.

Logitech Usb mouse is unaffficted

I rollback driver to CD still the same
I check nothing is touching card from motherB

I take card back to Dealer get a new one same card and brand install the same way still happens

So i then put the MSI N9500GT back in load drivers the same way.All works fine no crackle over headset,G19 is fine bar the rare LCD frezze that allways happened.

Under full load with N9500GT PSU does not miss a beat.GT 220 and 9500GT i thought used just about the same guessing its not my PSU.other then that i have no idea.

I have paid for this card.but had made a deal with shop owner to try it for the weekend if i did not like it.return it and upgrade to GT 250.. Or i would just buy a HD 5670(wicth i thought was the best but the shop owner said"o'h no its Ati dont get that")

But hell i dont want to spend 100$ to upgrade and the same thing happens.

Any one have any ideas where to start?Thanks in advance for your time!
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  1. Haha, a biased fanboy shop owner, thats hysterical.

    Anyway sounds like you didn't remove all the drivers before you installed the card and what not. Forget about the CD drivers.

    With the 9500GT installed;
    Right now, download the newest drivers from Nvidia for the GT220.
    Download Driver Sweeper.
    Go to Control Panel Add/Remove Programs and delete any ATI drivers you may have an all Nvidia GRAPHICS drivers.
    Install and run Driver Sweeper, delete any ATI drivers you may have an all Nvidia drivers.
    Restart the computer in Safe Mode, run driver sweeper again.
    Turn off computer, insert GT220 into your computer.
    Install GT220 Nvidia drivers.

    See if that fixes your problem.
  2. Thanks Heeltech
    Trying it atm few things im unsure of

    I have delted what i can thought add and remove programs
    Ran Driver Sweeper.unsure of program so i ran it chose all navida drivers and there was 1 ATI driver went to clean.then asked to i did after that all the driver seem to still be there i just clean'd

    And unsure how to boot in safe mode i press F8 and it just ask's what drive i wanna boot from.

    Thanks heaps
  3. It should tell you how to get in Safe Mode during starup, spam F8/F12/or Delete as those are the usual ones.
  4. yep f8 lol after bois has done its things(thats why my name is pcnoob)

    finall question i ran safe as admin ran sweeper deleted again..asked to rebot i did run sweeper one finally time but still hasthe list of the same drivers.granted when i clean its done in no time and asking to rebot unlike first time where it took a few mins.Is this normal?
  5. Hmm, that doesn't sound too normal. You only check "ATI-Display" and "Nvidia-Display" and then run Analyse in Driver Sweeper? You shouldn't be checking anything else. After you run the analysis, just clean it one last time. If they keep coming up just deal with it they should be gone...

    Try only using the onboard graphics from the motherboard and taking out the 9500, see if you can clean it then.

    Then continue with the steps I gave you.
  6. thanks again

    lets see if i can explain a little better.

    ticked them all(guessing i should not of)
    lol what was the Nvidia chipset?i should prob download them again
    in the end after admin in safe mode there was a few.physx and Display that everytime and way i clean them.i would rebot analyse and thay would still be there.

    i put GT 220 loaded downloaded driver works fine Bar if i run WoW and the crackle comes back over the headset G19 keys sticking...other games G19 works but still the crackle.

    So less i just failed at deleting old drivers i have no idea.

    Also side note my own personal thoughts never ever buy a Gainward product there EXPER tool is a joke..just like this card
  7. Yeah you should not have done that, only the display drivers, you need the chipset driver that should be your motherboard (although your motherboard may not be nforce).
  8. The files left over before i swicthed card again are
    Nvidia-physX C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\
    Nvidia-physX C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\

    Nvidia-Display C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\
    Nvidia-Display C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\
    Nvidia-Display C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\
    Nvidia-Display C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\
    Nvidia-Display C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\
    Nvidia-Display C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\
    Nvidia-Display C:\WINDOWS\prefetch\

    If that helps.
  9. Ahh ok ><

    But yea i dubt there was anything in Nvidia-chipset
    as system seems to run ok,atm just not underload,
    Asus P5PL2-E motherB and its not screaming at me theres anything wrong.

    /hope lol

    But yea is it worth trying the hole thing over again.and like you said run it without a card in.And try and delete those remaning drivers?
  10. Yeah if you can run the computer without a card thats how you should it.

    Nvidia Physx you don't need to delete, you don't need it for your purposes. So that doesn't matter.

    Those display ones need to be deleted but I don't know what they are individually...

    To be honest I don't see the reason your graphics card would make your speakers/headphones crackle. If it only happens with the card in then yeah its the card it just seems really wierd.

    You don't have a cell phone near the computer when you try it out od you? A lot of times my cell phone makes my speakers/headphones crackle.
  11. Went back to 9500 so atleast i can use it and know im not hurting my PSU.

    Yea the headset crackle is stange-i have install in a different room of the house just to see if it had anything to do with it.

    All i can come up with my self it is some how USB related

    Yoga-USB headphones
    G19-USB KeyB
    Logitech-USB Mouse

    When and only when i put system underload of a game i can hear the crackle,i tried the USB slot on G19 not Pc crackle was still there

    When i play WoW with G19 keyB acts stange.every 1-5 secs if using chat a key will lock in and stick down for 1-2seconds keys feel laggy and none responsive only when playing WoW

    Other games like CS,DoD,bioshock 2 G19 seems fine does d/c every few mins but.

    crackle is in all games seems stange as you up Pc load by running or firing in game it gets louder also.
    hard to discribe the sound.almost as if there was some feed back of power.

    But i put the N9500GT back in all is fine under the most load i can throw at it.

    I would hope its the drivers but more i try.looking like the card is just puss.
  12. Well the PSU you have isn't too fabulous (I don't know why I didn't see this before) and it could be the stem of your problems. Ir shouldn't be as your graphics cards takes a low low amount of 59 watts at load, however.
  13. Yea im guessing only guessing but,i would say both would use just about the same so i should be able to see some signs off a bad PSU with the 9500

    When it first happen i got a old non usb KeyB as i thought new card and G19 may be sucking the juice but made no differance to the crackle.however keys didnt stick in.

    I used the 2 USB slots on the G19 for headset and mouse made no differance to crackle.

    FPS is a faction better and 3D 06 score is better as i would of thought.
    but lol i cant use it if sending my USB gear crazy :(
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