PC won't turn on, motherboard problem?

My PC was working fine, I was remoted into it from work when all of a sudden it stopped responding. I got home and it wouldn't turn on anymore.

I unplugged the power cord from the PSU and plugged it back in, this caused the mb light and fans to turn on for like 1/4th of a second and then they went off. I thought it was a power supply problem so I bought another one and it didn't change anything.

I unplugged all the ram and gpu and tried it again, I was hoping the mb would turn on long enough for it to beep but again it's like things get power for a split second and shut off. I don't have much else plugged into it, it's pretty much just 4 ram stiks, a gtx570 and 1 hard drive. I haven't tried remounting the CPU because it'd be a pain in the ass, but my heatsink has a back plate and my case has a little opening so you can see that area behind the mb, both the front and the back feel perfectly tight and secure. If it was something to do with the CPU wouldn't the mb stay on at least a little longer? When I say 1/4th of a second I mean that, it's not an exaggeration, it doesn't stay on even 1 full second. The CPU was over clocked by about 12% and temps on it were never over 60 load. (it's an i7)

If it's not the motherboard the only thing I could think of is those little cables that run from the case to the mb that tell it to power on, but from what I remember even without powering it on my mbs light always stay turned on. The mb also has a power button itself and that isn't working either.

The mobo IS kind of cheap, I got it for $175 back when pretty much every x58 mb was $250+ it's an ASRock x58 extreme. The only symptoms I ever saw from it after about 2 years of use was that it failed to power on some USB hards drives unless I turned off my keyboard's LCD. I didnt think much of it but that shouldn't be normal should it? With an 850w PSU, and only a mouse and keyboard, it should've been able to handle powering on just 1 USB drive.

Is there anything else I can try to rule out the mobo? X58 mbs are still expensive besides that asrock and I don't want to get that again.
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  1. I also tried taking the CMOS battery out and back in.

    I'm reading through new egg reviews of that mb and it seems it's a common trend for it to run fine for a year or so and the die :(
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