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Hey everyone, I'm new here to the forum. As you can tell by the thread, I'm wondering what's the Best Gaming PC for $500. I've read the "System Builder Marathon, June 2010 $550 Gaming PC", but that used an AMD Athlon II X3 435. I'm looking for a Quad-Core PC that can last me for a few years before another major upgrade. I have not read much on new PC technologies due to other priorities. I'm in the dark regarding PC components info. Basically, what can I get as far as purchasing a:

Power Supply
Video Card

all for around $500. I'll be reusing my case, optical drives, hard-drives, etc. And I'm leaning towards in purchasing Windows 7 since I'm still using XP, it's a possibility though. I want to do this system build when the holidays come around: November, December, January. I'm figuring computer parts prices will drop down due to holiday sales.

So what's best lately and will be still good in the future? GeForce or Radeon? Intel or AMD? Which ones do you all recommend for a budget gaming PC? Is Windows 7 a necessary/good buy? Thanks! :D
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  1. Come back a few days before buying, prices are changing (for the better) and if you buy off Newegg the combo deals are also changing each month.
  2. I agree with Mosox, it's best to wait because there will be new cards coming out soon and the prices are always changing.

    Windows 7 isn't really all that important, Windows XP is fine.
    With the money you save using XP, you could put towards your system.

    If you can get Windows 7 for free though, I would highly suggest you use that instead of XP.

    For budget gaming, definitely go AMD.
    For a gpu, I'd say nVidia.

    Remember to upgrade your PSU!
  3. Will do of course. Hopefully by then, the sales will be good.

    And I was thinking of going AMD due to its price, but if a bargain appears for Intel, then I'd go for them.
  4. Alrighty then! I'm back and it's time to do a system build for this holiday season.

    Like I said on my first post, I want to do a budget gaming/video editing system build under $500. What I need are:

    Power Supply
    Video Card

    I'll be reusing my case, optical drives, hard-drives, etc. And I'll try and get a Windows 7 from my friend.

    So what parts can I get that's under $500 for a budget gaming/video editing system?

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