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i know this is probably a stupid question but i just want to know but is it possible to run three monitors like an eyefinity setup on two gtx 460's?
also what is your opinion on eyefinity and is it worth getting?
if i go eyefinity my parents said they would buy me the monitors but since i have to buy the gpu i was thinking of 5770 xfire or just going with gtx 460 sli and getting one of dell's 24 inch ultrasharp monitors that cost like 550 dollars

What are your thoughts and which gpu should i go with or any suggestions?
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    What is your main use for your PC if its gaming go NVIDIA dual monitors SLI and get two 22" 120hz monitors

    I have the Dell 23" SP2309W (2048 x 1152 higher than Full HD) it is a great monitor and I love the accurate colours but its a TN panel and only looks great when sitting directly infront of it CNET have really good reviews on monitors so check them out. I might sell my monitor in a while and get two 120HZ monitors for gaming but they need to be 1080p as I watch alot of films and the only ones I have come across are ASUS and ACER which aren't the best monitors for graphical work or colour reproduction.

    If I had the money I would of brought an IPS monitor or PVA but they are really expensive in the UK. The Dell 24" Ultrasharp is an amazing monitor but it has a slow 6ms response time so its more geared towards accurate colour reproduction and graphical work. For that money you could get two Acer 120HZ monitors and get your 3d gaming on.

    Its entirely upto you, find out you main usuage and you cant go wrong with the 24" Dell.

    Dual GTX 460 1gb are cheaper and better than a more expensive GTX 480 so they own HD 5770 xfire and give you the added advantage of CUDA and physx and scale better than xfire, plus the card is relatively new so with driver updates can only get better.

    I have just purchase Palit GTX 460 1gb Sonic (Not the Platinum) and it easily clocks to the more expensive Platinum speeds, however it doesn't have VRM heatsinks so if you case gets hot this maybe something you need to consider, but for the price on NEWEGG you wont find a better priced graphics solution.

    Hope this has been of some help.
  2. Yes you can do Nvidia Surround on dual 460s which is like Eyefinity.
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