Sabertooth 990FX POST Boot Device Error

I just finished building a new system in June. Initially, the build only included a 500 GB HDD and ran perfectly. Recently, I installed a crucial M4 64 GB SSD as a boot drive. Shortly after installing Windows 7 and the drivers, my SSD's fast boot time of 20 seconds suddenly increased to 60 seconds or more. Windows seems to load in the same amount of time. It appears that the delay is caused by POST. The Sabertooth 990FX uses a system of LED lights to indicate errors during POST instead of "Beeps". The LED lights turn on when the mobo recognizes an error and only turns off when that error is resolved.

During the fast 20 second boots, the DRAM light would turn on briefly (5 seconds or less) followed by the Boot Device light (another 5 seconds or less).

During the long 60+ second boots, the Boot Device light stays on for 45 seconds. Everthing else seems to remain constant.....DRAM lights briefly and Windows loads quickly once POST is finished.

Initially, I thought it was the drive, so I checked cable connections and did a fresh install of Windows no avail. Again, after several fast 20 second boots, the system reverts back to 60 second boot times. The problem persisted even when booting from the optical drive with Windows 7.

The more I think about it, the problem seems to stem more from a software issue rather than a hardware issue since it is temporarily resolved with a fresh install of windows. Is there an update or software configuration that could be causing the delay in POST?

I would greatly appreciate anyone's thoughts on the matter. Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you haven't already done it, I'd suggest you look for a newer bios for the sabertooth. The sabertooth 990fx is a relatively young board and it uses uefi which is also relatively young.

    I'll have a sabertooth 990fx next week. Very soon after I have it up it will get the latest bios update.
  2. Thanks for the response man. I just checked and I'm already equipped with the latest bios. It may sound a little ridiculous to say considering my situation, but the 990fx is a great board. I like it a lot and I still feel like my problem is software related. Anyway, thanks for the help.
  3. Its either trim not enabled. The drive indexing is on and it should be off or windows update overwrites chipset drivers tht run the harddrives.
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    ^Yeah, sounds to me like an updated driver problem as well. Try reinstalling Windows without plugging into the network or internet access, and try booting repeatedly and see if you get the same results.
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  6. The problem turned out to be really unexpected. The wireless adapter I used caused the long delay during POST. As soon as I unplugged it from the system, boot time went back to normal. I wonder if I need to set a specific setting for one of my USB ports for it....but whatever. Right now, I have it in a USB 3.0 port and there are no problems.

    Thank you everyone for your advice....I chose jitpublisher's answer as best because I inadvertently discovered the root of the problem following his advice. Good luck and goodnight.
  7. How long is the boot up time on the SABERTOOTH 990FX??
    form power on to run
  8. snic said:
    How long is the boot up time on the SABERTOOTH 990FX??
    form power on to run

    About 25-30 seconds to reach the windows login screen.
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