Sell or upgrade this free system i got, for FFXIV?

I figure this is the best place to ask, I got this i5-650 Vpro system free from a intel trainning for work. With the specs below, should I upgrade or sell it?


intel DQ57tm

crucial 4gb 1333
intel X25-v 40g ( have another one at home, going to raid 0 for fast read )
seagate 1tb for storage
300w inwen case

Originally it's design for Vpro, so I know I'll need a 600w PSU with case which I can get for cheap at work. If i get like a 480, 5850, 5870 or even 5970 for FFXIV, will i be wasting my money on this system? Please advise, thanks!
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  1. I think a 460 1GB can run FF14 just fine and wouldn't be a waste of money. You will have to upgrade that PSU though.
  2. thanks for the quick response, what if i want to get the cards mention above? I was hoping to get 4500-5k on high res. Will my components be "bottlenecked"?
  3. Are you talking about the FF14 benchmark? That thing was poorly designed and I wouldn't trust it.
  4. yeah seems like it, but that's only thing i can use to scale how my system is going to perform. Ideally, if a 480 works good with my system then I'll just get that and a new case+PSU. but interestingly price for 1x480 is enough for 2x460 with mobo plsu some cash.
  5. You couldn't get 2 460's and a mobo that would be good enough AND extra cash after.

    Its true that 2 460's outperform a 480 and are cheaper. But you wont have enough left over for a motherboard...

    You aren't going to need a system that powerful for FF14....What resolution do you play at?
  6. It is a little tough to tell right now, FFXIV is in beta and not fully optimized just yet. That CPU will more than handle FFXIV but it will be tough to tell which video card will be best for eye-candy and resolution and whatnot. I am currently beta testing FFXIV right now and with my system (listed below) it is a little choppy but i believe that is due to poor optimization.
  7. how's your system holding up on the beta? you think a 1x 460 for now will do fine? or 1x gigabyte 5850 at 765mhz stock for the same price?
  8. its a little choppy but it is still running ok. I have all settings as high as they allow for setting in Beta (which isn't very much) for instance, they limit the resolution you can play at. If i were you, i would go with the 5850 or higher as you only have one PCI-E x 16 slot available in that motherboard.
  9. The system is not ideal for gaming in a lot of ways; dual core, motherboard that can't OC, 1 pcie x16 slot, PSU that will need to be replaced. That said throw in a new PSU and a GTX 460/470/HD5850 and it should be quite capable. If you can get a good price for it(quite possible) though you may be better off simply selling it and building a more ideal system with the money.
  10. yeah I think I should just throw in a PSU/case + asus eah5850 OC'ed and be content with it, mainly be playing FFXIV anyways so no point dumping so much money into it. This Vpro system is not gonna sell well in a aftermarket channel.
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