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so i switched my AMD 965 processor out for an intel i7 870 and now the system i swapped the AMD into won't boot is this some driver issue? cause if i switch the harddrives it works fine so im thinking intel and amd have things installed into windows to allow it to boot with their products?

any thoughts or ways i could get this to work?
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  1. could you give us your system specs?
  2. Your putting an intel chip into an amd mobo and vice versa?
    post specs of original set ups and intended new ones please
  3. basically i have two systems and i am switching the mobo and CPU between them

    system 1:

    AMD 965
    gigabyte 890GPA
    corsair 950 psu
    samsung 1tb HDD

    System 2:

    intel i7 860
    gigabyte mobo h55
    2 gb adata ram
    750 psu think its an xfx not sure
    1tb toshiba HDD
  4. Uh, you need to switch the HDs as well. Or do a fresh install on each. Each OS has drivers for the mobo it was generated on.

    Not to mention the possible issue of gpu drivers depending on your vid cards.
  5. AMD and Intel cpus are not made to work on the others board, AMD cpu's with AMD board Intel cpu's with Intel Board, for now any way, just don't fry your board or cpu trying !!!
  6. cpt, from his 2 system configurations, cinnaman is obviously talking about CPU's and their matching motherboards. You obviously cannot interchange AMD and Intel CPU's if only because AMD chips have pins and Intel chips do not.
  7. Cinnaman can do repair to each OS with xp proceed as if doing a new instal until xp searches for and finds privious windows installations and will ask do you want to repair select yes to set for the new Mobo setting if you are not ask to repair it will be new install. or with Viista or Win 7 the window after selecting Language low left coner select repair my computer the select startup repair. apologies for assuming
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