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Hi I have a question about my system,

I am using Hardware sensors monitor 4.5. In the program it says I dont have any temp readings for Cpu1 but there is one for CPU2 Cpu0 Core. Also there is no reading for CPU1 fan... Is that normal that it would skip 1 and then go to 2? Also is a reading of 31 C for CPU2 and 29 for CPU0 good?

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  1. Can you post a screen shot along with your system specs like motherboard and CPU? I have never seen what you are describing before so i feel like a picture will be very helpful
  2. Oh sorry, my motherboard is MSI 785GM-E51 , cpu is AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40 ghz

    here is the screenshot of the monitoring software, why is there no reading for things like CPU 1? And are the temperatures normal? Thanks!
  3. Im not familiar with that software, i usually use HW Monitor. Its probably just a software glitch, since it shows you a CPU0 core, and no other cores it probably misinterpreting the sensors on the board.
  4. Make sure it's not the software that's not working, here are some trusted monitoring programs:

    Speed Fan

    Core Temp

    Be sure that you download the correct version for your computer. (32/64bit)
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