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In game I am running at about 104C on Idle i run about 84C on my 4870x2. Is there a cooler chip with the same or better output. I really just think in the past two years I have probably burnt something on this chip as well I have no on board video on my motherboard so I need a backup. This is not just for ATI if Nvidea has something cooler and better than I am all ears. Are this might be a question of if there is a cooler case than ANtec 900. I know they have the 1200, but I don't think I want to upgrade to that one. But don't worry about the case question as I think I need a backup video card asap.
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  1. Put some nice sunglasses on it. It'll be cooler then ever.

    You have a good case. Is the fan on the card not working? Have you checked fanspeed with MSI Afterburner?

    I heard a 65c idle is pretty normal.
  2. Oh the fan works, but I just got a desk as this might cause it to have more heat. As well the main GPU gets the hot the 2nd GPU is only like 57C. When I first got it it used to idle at 47C Have no clue why it seems to get hotter and hotter as time goes by.
  3. Wait wait, do you have a 4870x2, or two 4870s in crossfire? There is a difference.
  4. I have the x2. Even the x2 reads two different temps, one for each GPU. The GPU connect to the monitor read 87C and all I am doing is online. The GPU doing nothing read 60C. I know this card is still in the top five and a great card, but I think I want something cooler.
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    If its getting hotter and hotter as time goes on, the heatsink is probably getting caked with dust. Take the card out and clean the sink. It will probably drop you under 100c for the load temps as well.

    As for a new card the 5870 is about as fast. Thats $400. The GTX470 is probably about 70-80% as fast as well and should be around $350.
  6. 4745454b said:
    As for a new card the 5870 is about as fast. Thats $400. The GTX470 is probably about 70-80% as fast as well and should be around $350.

    I would OC an HD5850 or GTX 470(it's actually $300 these days) instead of getting an HD5870. They are much better deals for them money. The HD5850 on particular is much cooler and more power efficient than the HD4870x2.
  7. I am amazed that you are not seeing artifacts, personally, and I agree. Blow out your heatsink and fan on the card, if you're up to it remove the heatsink and reapply good thermal paste and reinstall, get the 5850 for a back up or replacement. I still remember drooling over the X2.
  8. also what is the ambient temperature? maybe you should turn on the air con?
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  10. Thanks for all the post, I will look into cleaning it, once i get a backup. Thanks.
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