Upgrade Motherboard to Increase RAM?

I have a generic motherboard from a gateway GT4024 with XP installed, and it doesn't support Core 2 Duo, and has a maximum RAM of 2 GB. I upgraded my processor to a Pentium D 945 and maxed the RAM. I use this computer for light-medium gaming so I upgraded the graphics card to an ATI HD 4550. I'm wondering if I should upgrade the motherboard to use the existing parts of this computer, or just stop upgrading this computer. The new motherboard will be basically the same, except the memory can be maxed to 4 GB and supports PC2-5300. The basic question is, will the Pentium D 945 be bottlenecked by the 2GB of RAM, and will the upgrade be worth $40?

BTW, I just want a straight answer plz! I'm on a tight budget and can't afford to buy an i7 or i5 or ddr3. :( Thanks.
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  1. Don't upgrade with that cpu. I would save about $200 for a new cpu/board/ram. Amd's new hudson cpu/board/ram will run you about $225 with 4 gb of ddr3. Or you can go with a low end phenom II for about the same.
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